Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chapter IV

Max made a beeline for his mystery women now known as Russet and swung her up into his arms in a caveman attempt to mark his territory. The crowd roared with approval. Men and women alike, as he carried her off the stage and straight out of the hotel in his arms.
Rusty buried her face in Max’s chest completely embarrassed at how she was swept up and carried out of the ball room like a helpless child. This was her evening to take charge, to leave the men panting, to take risks and leave them wanting for more. Her being carried out of the ball room catered to the Nurse Rusty persona that she left in her apartment. She had to take back her resolve that was snatched from her in one swoop of his rock hard biceps. Taking a deep breath, her trademark for gathering strength, she was side swiped by the spicy male scent of his rock solid chest. 
‘Goodness, he is all muscle’ Rusty thought.
Max held her close to his body taking long strides determined to exit the hotel as fast as possible daring anyone to interfere with his mission. Her scent seized his senses which resulted in a powerful erection. 
“And just where are you taking me” Russet whispered into his chest causing a shiver to ripple through Max’s body giving her a surge of power and the relinquishment of enough of her resolve to surrender the helpless child and take her sexy right back.
Max squeezed her tighter giving in to the impulse to massage her body against his erection. She would be his tonight. 
“Okay, macho man put me down.” Rusty said as she forced her decent down the mountain of a man that held her in his arms. Not expecting her journey to be so long she stumbled against him when her feet finally touched the ground immediately putting her hands out to prevent being engulfed in his mesmerizing scent, not anticipating the sizzle of electricity that surged through her from the point of contact.
“Now that you’ve had the chance to play the role of caveman we can get on with our date” Shimmying her dress into place. She looked up locking in on his menacing blue gaze; she grabbed him by his tie ignoring the intimidation that he exuded. 
“I’m in charge here” She said as a matter of fact and turned around and walked toward the cab she rented for the night and got in praying that he would follow, she refused to look back believing it to be a sign of weakness.
No way was she leaving him. Besides the twenty five thousand he spent on this evening’s event, he wanted more and that more did not end on the sidewalk in front of the hotel he had just carried her out of. He chuckled at the thought of her being in charge, never had he ever allowed himself to be led around by a woman and definitely not a little scrap of one. He would let her get comfortable thinking she was in charge and just when she didn’t expect it he would make his move. Caveman… she hadn’t seen anything yet.
The ride to Dolce Ristorante, Boston’s most exclusive Italian restaurant was more intense than she had expected. Rusty kept her eyes closed and her head back very casually, not wanting to give away her nervousness. She could feel him looking at her as his cell phone rang. Surprised that he answered, she listened to him speak medical terminology to the caller and was glad to know that they had something in common to break the ice with. Deciding to take the risk opening her eyes Rusty glanced up at his daunting expression feeling slightly intimidated but refusing once again to submit she went from the fuel, sitting on the other side of the cab with her head leaned back and eyes closed, to the fire, sitting right next to him with her head leaning on his shoulder, eyes once again closed and to give the fire a little crackle she placed her hand on his thigh feeling his muscle jump. The phone fell to her lap, she used her other hand to close it shut disconnecting the call and not saying a word.
This little lady was going to be trouble. Max thought as he tried relaxing his fast approaching erection.
The restaurant could have been a barn; he would have never known the difference. His focus was totally on his partner. She chose the lobster, eating it slowly and seductively, he stared all through the meal not touching anything on his plate. It was a good thing that dinner didn’t last long. But to his surprise they went to a salsa club for a night of dancing.
Rusty not wanting to share anything of herself chose the salsa club specifically for that purpose. She always dreamed of dancing the night away with the man of her dreams and tonight she was going to live that dream. She kept him on the dance floor showing him the moves that she practiced at home in front of her television. With Latin dancing being such a sensual expression of movement she treated tonight like four play. Rubbing, bumping, grinding and gyrating all around the dance floor. There were several attempts to cut in but all were meant were gruff looks of dare and possibly a growl. She was having the time of her life.
The night was coming to a close. Rusty had danced the night away not wanting to think about what was coming up. The agreement that she made with herself is that she would take some risks this night, but as the night progressed the biggest risk she had taken was leaning up against him in the car and placing her hand on his thigh. The music slowed down giving Rusty the perfect segue. She leaned her head on his chest and listened to his heart beat. This is where she wanted to be always she thought to herself.
Max wrapped his arms around her waist and massaged her back.
‘This is more like it’ He thought. He wasn’t letting her go tonight. She was his. He lifted her chin and gave her deep kiss, slipping his tongue into her mouth mingling with her own. It was time to go. Ending the kiss with a light peck he linked hands with her and led her out of the club and back into a cab and off to his hotel room. He was in charge now.
Rusty knew what was to follow and because this was something she had never done before ever in life she was nervous that if he knew he would not want to pursue the night’s course.
‘I hope I do everything right’ she thought to herself, her hands fidgeting in her lap.
Sensing her apprehension, he placed his hands over her fidgeting ones and kissed her forehead, causing her to look up at him giving him access to her plump lips that he claimed immediately.
He kissed her all the way in the cab to his hotel room. She knew where she was going but she didn’t care. As long as he held her in his arms everything felt right. She put all the passion she wished she had for a love that she wished would be forever but knew could only be temporary into loving him. Why did she have to meet him now? Why couldn’t she meet him after her sentence in Angel Pass? Buddhist believes that if something was meant to be yours it will always be yours even if separated it would make its way back to you. Would she ever find her way back to Max after she finished in Angel Pass? Tonight she would be giving him her most prize possession and he wouldn’t even know it. But she would. This would be a memory that she would treasure for the rest of her life. As he led her through the hotel lobby this time on foot she snuggled into the crook of his arm, shielding herself from the looks that swayed in their direction as they made it through the very hotel he carried her out of. When they made it to Max’s penthouse suite she allowed him to undress her all the way to the bedroom then he laid her down as he undressed himself.
She was hypnotized by his strip tease before she could think about what was going to happen he was there beside, all over, on top of her kissing her in places that she had never dreamed of being kissed.
He wanted to make this moment last forever. He wanted to slow down the pace to make it as good for her as he knew it would be for himself. They kissed… he was so desperate for her but something inside of him told said to keep it slow. As he settled between her thighs he looked into her once light brown eyes now chocolate with desire and said.
“Are you sure you want this.” As much as he wanted to just take her he had to make sure that she would not regret this in the morning.
Rusty realizing that he must have said something by the way he that he was looking down on her with a questioning gaze of desire.
“Yes” she breathed, meaning it to be a question but it came out more like an answer.
Max was so excited and relieved to hear the word yes he almost came before thrusting into her. He guided himself slowly into the moist walls of her womanhood hoping to tease them both into the best ride of their lives. Before he could fully occupy her body he was stopped by a barrier. He looked down at her clenched teeth and eyes squeezed shut and knew the answer to the question before he asked.
“You’re a virgin” He said in awe.
Rusty slowly opening her eyes looking back at him with a look of determination.
“Does that make you want me any less” she questioned. Rusty placed her hands on his butt and ground into him making him break eye contact when he closed his eyes at the wave of pleasure that shot through him and groaned.
“Are you going to claim what I am giving you or are you going to leave me wanting you forever” She said in a whisper.
“Russet”, he said her name for the first time tonight. “I am going to ask you this question for the last time tonight. Are you sure?” Praying to God she wouldn’t change her mind because he didn’t know how was going to disengage himself from her.
“I have never been surer about anything in my life. With the choir singing Hallelujah in his years he thrust home claiming her as his own. Not moving, attempting to give her body the chance to adjust to his own he was surprised to hear her whisper in his ears.
“So you’ve decided to change your mind have you?” Rusty said while grinding into his body. Gyrating against him like she was salsa dancing again.
“Am I going to have to put you on your back and show you how this is done” She issued a challenge that made him chuckle. She was in trouble now. He bent down and took her nipple into his mouth withdrawing himself almost completely out of her before he slowly slid himself back in over and over again, while making his way over to her other breast attempting to drive her as wild as he felt already. Turning her over on her stomach he put her in his favorite position, on all fours and gave his mouth the feast fit for a king. His Queen, he nibbled sucked prodded pulled and let his tongue play with her womanhood until she screamed with pleasure with that he positioned himself over her slamming home as her walls of pleasure contracted around him, he thrust in and out and attempting to hold on to his control until her climax was complete. Feeling himself about to come he covered her back grabbing her breast from behind thrust into her constantly until he was totally spent.
Lying down beside her, he turned his head to look over at her wondering if she was okay. She laid there with her eyes closed. He went to the bathroom and came out with a wet rag and began cool her off with the wet towel.
Rusty was not expecting for him to do this. This seemed more personal than what had just transpired. Before she could protest he was done and back at her side gathering her in his arms and drifting off to sleep. He took her again that night waking her up with his attentions and putting her back to sleep with exhaustion.
He was going to find a way to get her back to Montana with him. She was a keeper and he was going to do just that. He would spend the morning convincing her to come back home with him. Whatever she did at the hospital she could do exactly that in Angel Pass with a man that loved her. Love? Where did that word come from? Although he had never used it before, somehow it fit. He loved her and he would spend the rest of his life showing her just how much. He hugged her closer to himself not wanting to even be apart from her in sleep and dozed off. 
Rusty came to the next morning not remembering where she was. Trying to move she realized she was trapped in an iron grip. She placed her hand on the iron grip and a flood of last night’s events invaded her thoughts. She had to get out of here. She slowly slid out of his grip and out of the bed. Grabbing her clothes, putting them on as she made her way through the suite to the front door, she slowly opened the door hoping that he wouldn’t appear questioning where she was going, she slid through the door and made her way through the hotel lobby for the third time in two days she was hoping she didn’t run into anyone who recognized her.

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