Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chapter VI

Rusty was excited to the point of giddiness, this experience was movie made, nothing like this ever happened to her. She rolled down the driver side window and closed her eyes as the wind blew over her face as she stretched her face out toward the sun.
 'I'm not losing you am I?' Sera asked as she glanced over to Rusty with her head hanging out of the car.
Rusty turned to face Sera with her back to the door and her hair flying out of the window.
'Your not in any danger of ever losing me. This trip is more fun than I've had in my entire life.'
Your entire life?
"My entire life!" Rusty confirmed. “I’ve moved from orphanage to foster home, back and forth until the day I graduated high school; I aged-out a months later. I already had my plan set I to motion. I was going to be a nurse."
" A nurse, how did you end up being a P.A.?"
Well, I initially  wanted to be a nurse because I have a vague memory of my mother being a nurse"
Sera's jaw dropped but Rusty was so deep in thought she didn't notice Sera's change in stance so she quickly closed her mouth. Her mother was a nurse, surely that couldn't be just another coincidence.
"My mother died when I was about three years old, the only memory that I have of her was being a nurse so I decided to honor my deceased mother. I would also be a nurse. But nursing school ended quickly and I couldn't find a job that would pay well enough for me to live a good life and save so, I decided that I needed to be more than just your standard RN. I was going back to school. When I visited my guidance counselor at school I was informed of a program where rural townships used their  tax money to pay for your tuition in exchange for you working for them for several years after you graduate. This allowed me to continue to put more money away in my rainy day account while I was going to school. The town of Angel Pass even set up my residency so there was really not much I needed to do for myself. I made sure that my cost efficient apartment was near the hospital so that I wouldn't have to worry about purchasing a car and buying gas. I placed everything that I entertained for myself on hold until after my stent in Angel Pass' she finished quietly.
'Stent huh?' Sera questioned. 'Why does it sound like your going to jail?
'It kind of feels like it' Rusty admitted it.
'I know I said it before but…Life is meant to be enjoyed. Every minute of It., You’ve made many smart choices given your circumstances but that doesn't mean that while you are hard working and dedicated you can't enjoy life. Let’s see how much fun we can get ourselves into before we reach Angel Pass.

Sera had a gut feeling that Rusty was one of her lost sisters and her gut feeling always paid off.  Working with her constantly drove that feeling home. With Rusty leaving Boston there was no way she was going to miss out on the opportunity to join her sister wherever she was going. This was something she'd always dreamt about. She would make sure her little sister got an adventure out of this and if her gut feeling ended up being a bust at least she would have gained a good friend, a sister of her heart.