Tuesday, February 24, 2009



Rusty Foster looked into her antique full length mirror in her tiny studio apartment and wondered who it was looking back at her. She was way too sexy for the woman she really knew was commonly known as Nurse Rusty, although she was actually a P. A. Her entire outfit was a mistake that worked out in her favor.
Rusty peered into the eyes of the woman on the other side of the mirror searching for pieces of herself, the eyes were hers… light brown, the eye lashes…yeah, too thick to do anything with that stretched out then curved in a swoop toward her eyelids. Her gaze dropped to her feet, her one indulgence the most beautiful pair of red stiletto open toed Jimmy Choo’s she’d ever seen. Thank God her feet were so small even at the Salvation Army they were $50. If her feet were a couple of sizes bigger she would have still been searching for a pair that went with her dress. Rusty’s gaze travelled up to her legs.
“Uh Excuse me” Rusty said allowed. “And just where did you come from” Rusty said to her legs. Her legs were smooth and supple like and defined, she reached down to touch the mocha complexion of her legs to make sure that they were hers and was surprised at what she felt. Rusty bathed with loofah gloves every day. Not because she was attempting to wash off dead skin, but because she had itchy dry skin and with the long hours she put in at the hospital during her internship she needed to spend as little time as possible tending to herself and more time tending to her patients. That along with the mentholated cocoa butter soothed her skin after every shower. The black cocktail dress she found at the Salvation Army fit like a dream, it was more revealing than she would have liked but it was Versace. This was a designer that she’d only read about in the hospital lounge magazines, and in her wildest of dreams she was wearing dresses like the one she had on now. She felt like Cinderella getting ready for the ball with the exception of the singing rodents she would pay the small toll of having her cleavage plunge to her waist in a U shaped drape and a hem that cut off right below her thigh. This was a daring dress to wear to the hospital fundraiser’s masked auction ball but, this was only going to be one night for Rusty, her only chance to live before she began her sentence and she was going to do it right. A sudden movement startled her causing her to glance up at her reflection a nervous giggle escaped when she realized that movement was only her hair slipping to the front of her shoulders. She doubted if anyone would recognize her, even her hair was different. Not wanting to chance taking too much out of her savings Rusty decided to do something she never did and that was let her hair down. She was use to her severe bun extracting every curl from her hair because, let down her curls sprung to life and Rusty spent over two hours blow drying, then flat ironing it bone straight and it fell to her waist like a sandy brown curtain. The finished product wasn’t Rusty, the interning physician’s assistant at Boston General and for that reason she was not Rusty tonight she was going to be Russet. Rusty walked over to the coat rack that stood near the front door and grabbed her black trench coat, putting it on and tying it tight at the waist, making sure that it covered every inch of herself then opened the door, not having enough courage to step foot out of the door Rusty turned and looked at the mirror again and remembered for this one night she was not Rusty she was Russet, she was sophisticated, educated and confident. With that she shook off the last vestiges of Rusty, grabbed her mask and stepped out into the hallway of her apartment as Russet-McKenna Foster.

The ride in the cab was short. Rusty took in the scenery that passed by as a tourist would have seeing it for the first time, letting the street lights of downtown Boston amaze her. For the first time in her life surviving wasn’t her main goal, “This is what it must feel like to anticipate fun.” She whispered to herself and a little bubble of joy burst inside her. Tonight she was going to be free of her normal life because tomorrow she was headed to the small town of Angel Pass Montana. The town that paid the tuition of an orphan that without their help may not have been able to afford to go to school and pay for room and board. Monday she would begin paying them back. Monday she would be one step closer to living her life for herself. Her own life would start in five years. She saved every penny she didn’t dedicate to bills and food, her studio apartment was in walking distance to the hospital so that she didn’t have to take public transportation. Rusty paid the driver and got out of the cab putting on her mask before she walked inside of the Hotel.
Once inside she followed the signs that pointed toward the ball room, Rusty walked with confidence feeling like she was in a movie, sensing heads turn toward her and using their gaze to fuel her confidence, she removed her coat and slung it over her shoulder glancing to the right at the man that caught her eye giving him a secret smile she checked her coat and walked into the ball room ready for anything.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


For everyone who loves romance novels and short romantic stories I hope that you enjoy this. This is everything that I want to read about and everything that I didn't. It may start a bit rough but it is a working progress so stay with me as I fine tune my rough edges and take you on many fantastic journeys with the most career minded, struggling to get by, dominant, take charge, submissively intriguing people who get themselves into and out of all kinds of situations trying to get by in there day to day lives all while finding love on the way. Stay tuned…